BH, KK2, AG1, Obedience debutanten (Belgium)

Dark'un's Isabel-Hartje



(Dark'Un's Filmster-Damme X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 06.05.2008 EST-03397/08
Breeder: Anne Leinonkoski, kennel Dark Un's
Owner: Tiia Ariko & Tiit Ariko

ED: 0/0

Isabel was born to pink and happy world without a darker spot at sight. Even her most pessimistic moments are terribly optimistic. Soon her housename changed to Pälla because she just is such Pillapälla. Spending even shortest time in the same room with Isabel ends with laughter - she just manages to do something extra stupid and crazy but funny. Don't worry, she will laugh with you because nothing can go wrong in her world. 

Isabel is a dog whom I expected to get 'ready' quite late and I was right. She started to show her true self at the age of 3 years. Right now she is the dog most people dream about - obedient, confident, calm but has that spark to raise at right moments. She walked through the obedience brevet in Belgium with 98 points out of 100 and hopefully will continue competing in debutanten one day. Right now we continue her obedience and agility carreer in Estonia. I thought that will end Isabel's IPO carreer but she had other plans. My little goofy pup has found one place where she really gets angry - protection training field. Nobody believes it, I don't believe it! And she loves it - that part I really can't believe! Uncle Tõnu is Isabel's favourite man (to bite) right now :)

Isabel will not be used for breeding. There are reasons and I am happy to discuss them in private conversations. Am not hiding them, I just want to give my opinion and make sure people understand them.

Our hopes and dreams got an end in one short moment... Isabel jumped over a pile of ice in winter a year ago but slipped at takeoff and broke her pelvis. Right now we are fighting for a painkiller free pet dog life for her. We have ups and downs but one thing is sure - her life is still pink :)


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