Esaber Unieke Golanth   "Torre"

Owner: Janne (Estonia)


(Rochallor Mercury X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 23.03.2013
Time: 20.05

Torre is a puppy I just couldn't let go. My head and heart had a long fight but then head won... Then it was a long process to find perfect home for him. I am still crying bloody tears but actually there is no need to! Torre has his own farm, people, forests and fields. He takes his owner to obedience calsses so that their communication will be understandable to both sides. He will also go to shows to show off the countryboy's shiny coat. His hobby is to bring home trees (and I mean trees, not small sticks). I bet owners have no problem with firewood in next winter!

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