World Junior Winner 2014, 3 x Fin CAC


Esaber Sterke Mnementh   "Nemo"

Owner: Noora (Finland)


(Rochallor Mercury X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 23.03.2013
ED: 0/0
Knees: 0/0
Back: healthy

Do you remember the pup with grey collar, who had two imprtant things in his life: sleeping and eating? His life is a liiiitle bit more exciting right now. Life starts when you have other plans! His owner knows is perfectly. She wanted a pet dog with whom to go to few shows. Now I can't keep up with their activities list any more! They are going to shows, training obedience, have tried and loved SAR, started tracking... One thing I am totally sure of - they are NOT bored! You can read more about them from their blog (in Finnish but google translator is our best friend!): Sterke Mnementh

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Hollandi lambakoerad, lühikarvalised
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