Tiia Ariko
Obedience trainer certified by Estonian Kennel Union.

member of:
Estonian Kennel Union
Tartu German Shepherd Club 'Uran'

First I thought:
I am too lazy to live with untrained dog!
Now I think:
Sport is sport and life is life. I like the life with dogsport.
But I still remember the difference....

With fellow dogowners I share my knowledge with the aim to fulfil their hopes for everyday life. Exam result is official proof that a pet can do what owner says he/she can.

Sport... Who rides a bicycle, who traines a dog. As sport they are equal and both need commitment and time. At the same time sport is not for evryone but everyday obedience should be part of every pet dog's daily routine.

To my obedience classes I am waiting people who want to develope the unique language only they and their dogs understand and who are also willing to invest their time and energy into it. Only time will tell if the result will be also written on paper as exam result.

My classes take place in Tartu and Viljandi.

Dogs who have problems with people (and vice versa) we meet in Janne Orro animal clinic. You can book the appointment directly in clinic. Their homepage: Janne Orro Loomakliinik

Dutch shepherds, short-haired
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