1 x Jun CAC (CZ)

AG1, therapy dog suitability test

Esaber Beroemde Orlith  "Cik-Cak"

Owner: Lenka (Czech Republic)


(Rochallor Mercury X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 23.03.2013
Health: transitional lumbar vertebra

The WOW puppy still has the wow factor! For some time we suspected that she will grow up as a giraffe, her legs were soooo long, but she seems to settle as a dutch shepherd. Her future was planned to be full of jumps and tunnels and... Now I have no idea any more what she has done or will be doing! Shortly... Lenka wanted an agility dog. Now I have seen pics of Caki on balance balls, running agility courses, pulling a bicycle, herding sheep, playing a greyhound on the field, being beautiful at the shows... I have one word about Lenka's abilities and energy - WOW! So a wow and a wow have met. It will be fun to see what life brings to them!

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