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Kennel Esaber

Who hasn't dreamed about a dog?

I was dreaming too! But I was not dreaming about 'just a dog' but a trained dog. My mom told me one day that maybe a puppy would have been a good idea - cured me from this crazyness! No puppy, still crazy :D

To start with striped dogs, we must start with Doora. Doora was The Smartest Dog In The World. She was born from the big hot love of a laika/gsd mixed female and neighbour's male. She arrived to become our famility member at the end of 1993 as not too cuddly pup. Doora left us almost 15 years later, having tought to all of us something important and leaving a huge hole to many hearts. To me she gave the eye and love for pricked ear medium sized dogs.

At the end of 1999 our roads crossed with rottweiler Songa. Her full name was Private-Stefal brenda and breeder Koidu Liivla. I never liked rottweilers, never ever were I supposed to take one! Never say never. Songa came and won hearts everywhere. On trainingfield she just walked from one level to the next and brought first shiny cup on my bookshelf. At one winter day few years later I went for a short morning walk with her and... she was not walking as she should - her hind legs were not hers any more. It was the end of her carreer on trainingfields and years with painkillers were ahead. She left to the forever green trainingfields before 8th birthday as a legend.

But when and how came stripes?! I know exactly - August 2003. I were in Sweden at a dog training camp and one of our trainers was Ola. I was told he has a dutch shepherd. What a R%¤%¤&¤%¤# is a dutch shepherd???? And then it happened - Ola opened his car and let Canon out. It was the love from first sight! Jeti was born less than 6 months later and the rest is history....

The kennel name comes from my nickname. Estonian people should find it easily, to others... Let's say it is bit twisted way to say 'from the Fox'. Why to breed? Because I love the breed! I want to give also other people the opportunity to enjoy that energy and devotion what is inside a dutch shepherd. Striped world is much more colourful than just pink!

But what about rottweilers who were never supposed to come?! They will come and came again but in smaller and more hairy version right now :)

Kennel Esaber

Dutch shepherds, short-haired
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