Esaber Gouden Ramoth   "Rune"

Owner: Hanke (Netherlands) and kennel Esaber


(Rochallor Mercury X Dark'Un's Hartelijk-Blij)
DOB: 23.03.2013
Time: 22.48

She was born as a big teddybear and we gave her the pink collar to bring out her female side. Now she has grown up to become a serious workingdog and redneck we can all be proud at! Not every pup is ready to kick some sheep **** at the age of 10 weeks! At the age of one year, she has proven that was born to be whom her ancestors were bred for - a shepherd! Her 'problem' is that she tends to be too eager sometimes! Ru has also inherited her mom's abilities to lick people to death and break hearts - I have heared there is unofficial 'Rune's fanclub' in Holland! And honestly, she HAS stripes. Black is the stripe, you know, it is difficult to see the background colour :D

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Hollandi lambakoerad, lühikarvalised
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